May. 3rd, 2017 10:38 am
openidwouldwork: (*flails*)
You know how, when you are on vacation, the work stuff at home - somehow - just doesn't get done, because you are 500km away and on vacation and looking like this:

And then you get home... and have mountains of laundry, no fresh food and buckets of mail waiting, and all that work piled up, not being done.

Manic week is manic.

ps: anyone know how to get something like a drowpdown menue for the tags on dw?
Oh, and how to get my own posts to display on my reading page, for continuity reasons?
openidwouldwork: (muuh)
*sits down at desk with sharpened fingertips*
*straightens reference books* and *plots what to write up first* (cow stuff - again ;)
*goes has a look at NaNo forums*
*is greatly entertained*

Yeah, I'm going to get into the nano spirit of writing stuff up in November, don't want to develop Procrastinatinitis...

And there are always entertaining threads to read...
My favourites this far!
Witch Trials, Paganism and the Medieval Period (Team DoooOOOOOoooooOOOOMMMed)
Medieval Geography There is such a thing as a historical atlas... or a plain history book to begin with...
Where could you hide a moderately large city in Europe? Because... I has no words...

*cuddles booksies*


Mar. 1st, 2014 08:54 am

But also doing laundry and getting paperwork straight and sorting through the mail... *eyes overflowing mail basket* ... most of it invoices, I suspect...
openidwouldwork: (muuh)
Am working again, as sickness cover, in a veterinary praxis I worked at... um... 5 years ago? 6? ... something like that anyway.
This has two major drawbacks:
- staying in a holiday flat, no internet
- getting only 2 nights a week and only every other weekend off

... this means I will eat at McDonalds (one hour free internet!!!) A LOT.

So, won't comment as much, won't be around... sorry!

On the plus side... COWS!

Am getting into the NaNo spirit - cleaned up my desk this morning.

Desk and a selection of reference material )

has landed

Sep. 27th, 2010 11:24 am
Touchdown in 3.. 2.. 1.. Photobucket

...have landed.

So much to do!!! Mail and paperwork and laundry and grocerys and cleaning and converting photos and videos to something uploadable and catching up with f-list and rl.

Back Sunday...
So, I've been busy:

Went sailing (and diving) here:

Then did a couple of days trial work... have new job now; it's fulltime, so I'm looking at 60-70 hours a week, plus one night and every other weekend, but I get one afternoon/week off, so that's a good deal. Pay is not great, but I didn't study to earn a lot of money...

After that Veterinary Congress in Leipzig, and a great concert at the Hellraiser Club (Kataclysm, Belphlegor, Darkest Hour) and diving (-10°C oustside was a bit of a challenge: equipment froze to ground after dive...).
And I visited the Boot and helped an Indonesian friend set up his stall (he's working for an Indonesian/Russian cruise agency and they sell awesome tours: http://www.virtuscruising.com/)



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