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*bounces* I has booked a hostel in Dublin, I has booked a hostel in Dublin!

Now, dear f-list, what are the things to do/see in Dublin and Ireland? *bounce*

And, even more important, what are the tourist traps that are really not worth it?
*pokes at all teh offers on teh interwebs*

Well, I'm doing at least one sensible tour, there is an Irish Farm tour organised for us vets. There will be cows!

OH! And could you rec me movies to watch (listen to) to get used to understanding Irish English? Or even stuff on youtube...

*bounce bunce bounce*

Now I have just to find out whether there are any good concerts in Dublin while I am there... *wanders away on teh interwebs*
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I'm going to Ireland, I'm going to Dublin!

Does that mean I got time off from my shit job?
Yes, well, no... I quit.

... once I've gathered myself again I'll tell you more about that...
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*sits down at desk with sharpened fingertips*
*straightens reference books* and *plots what to write up first* (cow stuff - again ;)
*goes has a look at NaNo forums*
*is greatly entertained*

Yeah, I'm going to get into the nano spirit of writing stuff up in November, don't want to develop Procrastinatinitis...

And there are always entertaining threads to read...
My favourites this far!
Witch Trials, Paganism and the Medieval Period (Team DoooOOOOOoooooOOOOMMMed)
Medieval Geography There is such a thing as a historical atlas... or a plain history book to begin with...
Where could you hide a moderately large city in Europe? Because... I has no words...

*cuddles booksies*
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Am working again, as sickness cover, in a veterinary praxis I worked at... um... 5 years ago? 6? ... something like that anyway.
This has two major drawbacks:
- staying in a holiday flat, no internet
- getting only 2 nights a week and only every other weekend off

... this means I will eat at McDonalds (one hour free internet!!!) A LOT.

So, won't comment as much, won't be around... sorry!

On the plus side... COWS!

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*sigh* so, I'm looking for a new job... )


ok, today is a FIFA World Cup qualification game, Kasachstan - Deutschland, so *crosses fingers* and *gets ready to glue self down in front of the tv*


Nov. 2nd, 2012 01:01 pm
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So, errrrm nano... not going all that well, writing-wise. I may be going a bit overboard on the research front. Possibly. )
Offending ovaries successfully removed!

Surgery pics inside )
Last weekend I did some teat endoscopy training.

They have some pics online (can you guess who I am?) and I took some, too.

Teat Endoscopy pics. I mean it. As in udder, teat and surgery. )

Now I want to buy an endoscope, but those things are expensive...


Sep. 9th, 2009 01:11 pm
A friend of mine got a new ultrasound, so to calibrate settings we sounded my pets:
HALP! We was abducted by aliens and experimented on! )


Mar. 16th, 2008 01:52 pm

There is nothing here because I am a very boring person.

I work as a large animal vet, I dive if my ears aren't acting up and I read.

Sadly, I have no talent whatsoever for writing or reviewing. Too much on the science side of life, I guess.

Then again, I use a ij account to bitch about work and the wife of my boss. In german.



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